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China NW Week: rapid evolution is coming to the Chinese industry and to its hygiene market... 10/11/2016
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2014/2015 China Nonwovens TOP10 Companies 13/07/2016
2014/2015 China Nonwovens TOP10 Companies;
2014/2015 China Nonwovens Growth Companies;
2014/2015 China Nonwovens Excellent Suppliers
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The economic operation analysis on year 2015 techtextile industry... 15/07/2016
The economy in our country, in spite of the big downward pressure and its growth slowdown, turned out a steady increase in general. The techtextile industry overcame various unfavorable factors and speeded up the pace of transformation and upgrading, improving operation efficiency, increasing investment in technological innovation, actively developing new products in a wider spectrum of applications and markets by delicate management. Therefore, the general operation presented a slowing growth, stable operation and good benefit situation. [ MORE ]
Contribution is woven by innovation for a nonwoven breakthrough... 09/08/2016
Interviewing Zeng Shijun, leader of polyester filamentasphalt felt equipment manufacturing [ MORE ]
The 5th China International Nonwovens Conference 19/07/2016
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Fiber Composites Growth (2016 - 2020)(continued, part II)... 18/07/2016
The lethargic symptoms in global market gave way to a vitality in China’s domestic demand during the 12th Five-Year Program period (2011 - 2015) that witnessed a decreasing export share from 47.3 percent in 2010 to 41.8 percent in 2014, approaching progressively to 30 percent in its target share as laid down in the industry development plan that emphasizes more domestic contribution to the industrial growth, showing that the share of domestic sales was obviously increasing to respond to consumption growth in China. [ MORE ]
Fiber Composites Growth(2016 – 2020) 18/07/2016
China has an ambitious plan to advance into a higher level of modernity in the country which is officially described as “a moderately prosperous society in all respects” by 2020, the end of its new five-year program for national economic and social development (2016 - 2020). As a pillar sector of its national economy, the textile industry is also believed to grow into a new world power explicitly set forth in the big-to-strong shift program in the sectoral five-year blueprint,including technical textile growth.Although there are clouds of doubt, questioning the Chinese dream of becoming a strong textile country particularly in the technical textile regime, its scheme in category-specific development in the years to come is out of question, worthy of the notice either for strategic significance in global vision or in business opportunities at corporate level. With this, we present the 13th Five-Year Program for Fiber Composites Industry Development in China. [ MORE ]
Strength of Chinese market attracts first-time exhibitors to Cinte Techtextil China... 15/07/2016
With exhibitors categorized in 12 product application areas,Cinte Techtextil China features a diverse range of sourcing options from around the world that is unrivalled in Asia, with companies from Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany,Chinese Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands,New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and the US already signed on to take part. [ MORE ]
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