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Technological journal of China Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles Association(CNITA). It introduces all kinds of functional, specific and fungible textiles that can be used in the industry and the extended fields, it also includes the information of fibers, products and manufacture devices.  TECHNICAL  TEXTILES follows the latest news of the industry, underlies the analysis of hotspots, releases the operation of industry development, spreads the leading edge of scientific research, reflects the markets quotations, and takes account of theses about the progress of industrial textiles. In a word, our magazine offers professional, authority and excellent information of the tech-textiles as you want.At the same time, our magazine united mang superiority enterprises founded the Periodical Council, in order to promote the growth of TECHNICAL  TEXTILES  together.
CNITA Mobile News
CNITA Mobile News is one of the CNITA’s media platform, provides subscribing clients with industrial short news. Quick, brief and convenience are its features. It focuses on national industrial policy, world market and analysis of tech-textile industry situation, major investment events and new technologies. CNITA Mobile News has more than 6000 users now, and this number is increasing continually. It has become an high efficiency and practical source of industrial textile news in China and has been proved to be an useful advertising media .   
CNITA Website 
The CNITA Website(www.cnita.org.cn) is the authoritative media of industry's information release, the market and technology information dissemination and the corporate brands promotion.
The website focuses industrial policy, analysis of industry economic situation, technological innovation, standards and quality, brands, marketing and other hot issues, fully reports industry's latest developments and achievements.
Wechat reporting in-depth news of industry policy, market and technical aspects. Information spread quickly on the followers of acquaintances in the network.

Overview of 《China industrial textiles industry development report 2014/2015》

This report includes operations of industrial textiles industry in China since 2014, developments of key markets and industrial cluster as well as industrial chain related industries, such as chemical fiber, high-performance fiber, glass fiber, textile machinery and other industries. Monographic studies on international trade of industrial textiles and performance of the listed companies are also included. The report also introduces industry related policy in recent years. It covers the major aspects of industrial textiles sector, and embodies the new achievements of the industry. Not only the data is specific and accurate, but all opinions in the report are correct and clear. You’d believe that it is authoritative, and an important reference for relevant institutions and researchers to understand the industry situation and make a wise investment choice.

Overview of 《China industrial textiles technology development report 2014/2015》

For this report, participants in the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry and information technology, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, the national standard committee and the relevant experts of professional committee and the downstream applications are invited by China industrial textiles association . The catalogue includes practical valued technical papers which have improved the industrial contribution rate of science and technology. The four sections of the report , mainly cover new technologies, new processes, new products and research progresses, production technologies, and test standards of the industry over the past two years , and also include an excerpt from《China international industrial textiles and nonwovens exhibition technical report 2014》as the introduction of innovative products. The report concentrates research, practical value, perspectiveness and guidance into an organic whole, and is a reflection of the spectacular development achievements made by China industrial textiles industry.

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